DANIELS® Diagnostic Specimen Container 7

These containers are ideal as the outer packaging when transporting samples or specimens. Place the primary receptacle and the secondary packaging, (plastic bag), inside the container for a safe and effective means of transportation on the public highway. This container is also suitable for healthcare professionals in the community or hospital staff transporting samples to the laboratory. The container has a fully removable lid, which is secured by four easily operated clips ready for transportation. Two removable dividers are provided to offer segregation of the contents. By using the in-car bracket provided the container can be securely stored in a car boot or footwell.

  • Container weight (g): 763.0
  • Container Size: H245mm x L362mm x W158mm
  • Carton contains: 10
  • Carton Dimensions: H462mm x L551mm x W376mm
  • Weight of carton and containers (kg): 8.56

Product Code: DD851

NHS Supply Chain Code: KCP139

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