DANIELS® Community Nursing Container small

This is an ideal container for community healthcare professionals who need to have a suitable container to hold small quantities of clinical waste, sharps and ‘dirty’ medical instruments. The container is supplied with two removable dividing inserts creating up to three separate compartments. These could hold both small sharps packaging and/or small cytotoxic/cytostatic packaging which will fit into the compartments at either end. The container has a fully removable lid, which is secured by four easily operated clips ready for transportation. By using the in-car bracket provided, the container can be securely stored in a car boot or footwell.

  • Container weight (g): 1022.0
  • Container Size: H245mm x L362mm x W158mm
  • Carton contains: 10
  • Carton Dimensions: H462mm x L551mm x W376mm
  • Weight of carton and containers (kg): 11.15

Product Code: DD853

NHS Supply Chain Code: FSL262

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