Posted on 27-April-2018   by Eric Lanyon

Daniels Healthcare: Service Update

Service Update 27 04 header

Since last week we have continued to see steady improvements across the board in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution. The issues that we are dealing with are less complex than previously, and so can be ironed out more easily.

There is still a way to go, but this steady progress is enabling us to focus more closely on quality control across the board. We are increasing our vigilance in striving to deliver the highest quality every single time and to make sure that the improvements we’ve made are all sustainable.

We hope that gradually more and more customers will start to feel the benefits of this more stable position, and thank all our customers for the continued support.

As ever, placing orders early will give us a little more flexibility to organise the distribution. Please try to give us as much lead time as you can.

Managing Director of Daniels Healthcare, part of the Mauser Group. He is responsible for the sales and distribution operation of Daniels SHARPSGUARD® Containers.