Posted on 1-February-2018   by Eric Lanyon

Daniels Healthcare: Service Update

Service update 010218

We are committed to keeping our customers informed with how we are tackling the operational issues we are currently working on.

We are very sorry that we are not meeting the standards we would like, and that our customers quite rightly expect from us.

The reason for this is that our relocation plans have been affected by tool and machine issues that are on a level which exceeded our risk planning.

We are focusing all our efforts on resolving these issues and restoring normal service as soon as possible. All lines are now running, but in several cases they are behind schedule.

We do not anticipate the situation getting any worse. We are adding more capacity for the most pressurised lines to help catch up.

We will post another update on our site early next week, or sooner if there is a significant change

Managing Director of Daniels Healthcare, part of the Mauser Group. He is responsible for the sales and distribution operation of Daniels SHARPSGUARD® Containers.