Customised Packs

We have the flexibility to order what your clients use Our individually customised packs allow you to choose what you want for your clients in discreet packaging that they’ll accept. We’ll put it all together, to free up your time and effort which is best saved for your clients. We offer a choice of brown or white paper bags or opaque, secure, tamper-proof plastic, all appropriately colour-coded for ease of identification.

Service that’s built around you

DANIELS® is the only needle exchange supplier to have dedicated local area managers in every region of the UK, specifically to help you develop your services.

We’ll deliver, where and when you need it.

We’ll deliver your requirements direct to your scheme, your local participating pharmacies or wherever you choose. Additionally, if appropriate we can arrange collection of the filled and returned sharps containers. Daniels offers more choice.

More control of quality assurance.

We only provide quality, leading brand products, so you can be assured your clients’ demands are met by the most stringent specification of harm reduction equipment.

More affordable, leading brand products.

Because we are the leading UK manufacturer of sharps containers, we are in a unique position to pass on cost savings directly to our customers. Because we source only quality paraphernalia in bulk at the point of manufacture, we can offer you customised solutions at a very cost-effective price. And because we can tailor our support to your specific needs, it isn’t just cost we can save you – but precious time and effort as well.

“Daniels Healthcare provides all the service needs to give clients the best possible range of equipment and at a reasonable cost. They have reduced our costs by 9% over the last year. They also provide services for pharmacy exchange which I feel is second to none.”

Senior Practitioner, DAAT