Needles & Syringes

We supply a comprehensive range of quality brands of needles and syringes in all sizes to suit your clients’ needs. All needles come in sizes from 18 to 29 gauge and in standard colours. We can supply as part of our individually customised packs, or as separates depending on your needs.

Sharps Containers

We are the UK’s leading supplier of sharps and clinical waste containers to the NHS. All our containers meet the most stringent safety standards. Our Compact SHARPSGUARD® range of containers has been specifically designed for the Needle Exchange environment and are all performance tested to ISO23907 for safety. As we manufacture our own containers, costs can be controlled, which means you can be sure that your funding will go further. We also stock a range of larger container (up to 60L capacity) to aid with the collection of the NX Compact Range.

General Paraphernalia

Because we take care to bulk buy only top quality paraphernalia at source, we can pass on our savings to you. Our range of paraphernalia includes; Sterile Cookers, Pre-injection Swabs, Water for injections (Ph. Eur), BP-approved Acidifiers (citric acid and ascorbic acid), Filters for enhanced harm reduction, Condoms (wide range of branded spermicidal-free in variety of sizes, colours and flavours) and Daniels ID Coloured Spots, a simple but ingenious way for your clients to mark and identify all their equipment to prevent accidental cross-contamination, in line with NICE guidelines.