Daniels Healthcare - Cookie policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of data that is stored by a website in an internet browser on your computer. The data is then shared with the website that collected it in order to perform tasks. This could include allowing the website to remember tasks you have performed already, like registering or logging in or putting items in a shopping basket, or it could be used to create anonymous statistics on your use of the website to allow the developers to improve your experience. In some cases it may also remember choices you make while surfing the internet in order to give you more personalised content.

Cookies will typically store a random unique identifying number, information about the site that collected it and a date/time which allows the cookie to expire when it is no longer needed along with the information it needs to perform the task it was created for.

How do I decide?

Nearly every website that offers more than just text and a few images will use cookies and has been using them for a long time. They are a tried and tested formula for creating the kind of websites we have all come to take for granted. Many of your favourite online stores, social networks, email and video sites will all cease to function correctly without the use of cookies.

Cookies are website specific. Essentially this means that the cookies stored by one site cannot be used by another. It also means that each site must gain your consent individually for the use of the specific cookies that they use. So you can decide whether to allow cookies on a site by site basis.

Turning off and deleting cookies

If you would like to turn off or delete cookies from your machine then all the major internet browsers allow you to do this. Search your browser help files for ‘cookies’ for more information on how your browser will help you control cookies.

Which cookies does Daniels.co.uk use?

Below is a list of the specific cookies used by Daniels.co.uk along with their duration and file names:

Cookie Type Cookie Name Description Purpose
Session PHPSESSIID PHP session ID This stores your PHP session ID and expires when you terminate your browser session (close the browser)
Persistent __utma Google Analytics Google Analytics uses cookies to define user sessions, as well as to provide a number of key features in the Google Analytics reports. Google Analytics sets or updates cookies only to collect data required for the reports.
Persistent __utmb Google Analytics See above
Session __utmc Google Analytics See above
Persistent __utmz Google Analytics See above

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