The SHARPSGUARD® range of speciality containers provides for the easy disposal of placentas, solid anatomical waste and glass and the safe collection, transportation and disposal of solid-dose unused pharmacy medicines. The Daniels® SHARPSGUARD® ent theatre container provides a safe and secure method of tonsillectomy equipment disposal (please contact Customer Support for details)


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SHARPSGUARD®  22 litre tse

SHARPSGUARD® 22 litre tse

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The SHARPSGUARD® tse and associated labels provides a safe method of storing contaminated instruments prior to treatment or disposal. Each unit consists of

  1. 1 x 22 litre rigid yellow polypropylene container
  2. 1 x secure, removable lid
  3. 1 x label (which may be affixed or filed anywhere by the user) with prompts for the following information to be provided by the user
    • NHS number / patient number
    • Patient date of birth
    • Surgical procedure for which instruments used
    • type of instruments contained in container
    • Instruments / supplements used
    • Date and time of surgery
    • Theatre number /theatre list/place of origin
    • Name of surgeon
    • Name of anaesthetist
    • Name os scrub nurse
    • Name of ODA
    • name of nurse placing instruments into container
    • Name of person responsible for quarantine
    • Date of quarantine
    • Signature
  4. 3 x labels - clour coded to identify current status: Blue - quarantine; Yellow - incineration; Green - Sterilisation